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Corporate Challenges?

Are your employees stressed
Do your employees sit a lot & are stiff
Do your employees have neck pain
Do your employees have low energy & are they tired
Do your employees have back pain

Do you want your employees to stay fit and healthy? 
Do you need powerful, simple and elegant solutions for your employees against stress, sitting too long, poor diets, back pain, neck problems, stiffness and stressful workdays?
Do your employees not always have time for longer physical activities?

Corporate local and online Wellness Solutions for Happy & Healthy Employees

My Goal

Make them stronger & more satisfied through regular health & fitness training.jpeg

I want to make your employees feel better, stronger both mentally and physically and live healthier. Through regular fitness and nutrition training with me, whether local or live online, their "empty" batteries will be recharged and they will be better able to meet the high demands of their professional life. I support and motivate them to stay physically active as well as live a healthier lifestyle in the short and long term. I teach your employees how to prevent, stop and even reverse many chronic diseases and physical pain with a healthy nutrition and regular holistic movement. The knowledge and best exercises from high performance sports, physiotherapy and medical fitness are used to motivate your employees in the best possible way.

Different Options (examples):

I have powerful, simple, elegant, result-oriented, supportive & motivating solutions for you.

In-Person Fitnrss Training_edited.jpg
Group Fitness Training

Local Personal Trainings (1:1) and Group Trainings for Fitness/Nutrition/Relaxation in your Company

Live Online Personal and Group Trainings

Employees worldwide can easily join via Zoom

Live Online Personal Trainings (1:1 or 2:1), Small Group Personal Trainings or Group Trainings for Fitness/Nutrition/Relaxation tailored to the needs of your employees

Wellness Day Sport
Wellness Day Nutrition

Wellness day with various sports activities and a presentation and discussion on healthy eating

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes with easy-to-implement healthy recipes for working professionals

Too busy with meetings & calls_Use our _Fit in the Office_ Workouts.jpeg

​Motivating Video Workouts (24/7). They are suitable for any time budget (5-60 minutes). Especially my "Fit in the Office" Workouts help your employees a lot to move more often during the day which have a significant effect on health when used regularly.

Screenshot 2023-10-08 at 09.48.29.jpeg

Presentation (local or live online) and workshops on the importance and benefits of a healthy diet and regular fitness training

Your Benefits

Our wellness program increases productivity.jpeg
Our wellness program reduces stress.jpeg
Our wellness program improve healthy exercise & nutrition habits.jpeg

Let's work together

You would like to organise a virtual event or workshop on the topic of health, exercise and nutrition? I will be happy to support you with a competent and motivating guest presentation on how your employees can integrate healthier routines into their work day, for example.

You can also list us as a wellness partner on your company intranet, for which we will be happy to provide you with information material.

Maybe you would like to introduce a virtual customised fitness class focused just on your companies needs - let's talk about it.

No matter what you are looking for in terms of corporate wellness and employee wellbeing, feel free to contact us and we will find the right program and solution for you.

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