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Hi, my name is Yvonne 

I'm a passionate professional Personal Trainer, Health and Nutrition Coach.

My goal is to lead you to results and help you feel better, get stronger, lose weight, stay healthy and have fun while working out. It is so important to move, eat healthy and think positive on a regular basis. As a coach I show you how to do the exercises with high quality techniques and give you feedback in Personal Trainings and Coachings (in-person or live online). I enjoy coaching you on how to improve your health and motivating you to exercise and eat healthier for the short & long term. 

In my free time:

I love to dance, play soccer, volleyball, basketball and other ball sports, work out and cook healthy meals with friends. I am very curious about health topics and like to dive deep into them even in my free time. When I find the time, I go hiking in the mountains and enjoy nature.

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon and helping you succeed!


Corporate Wellness, Health Coaching, Speaker at Events, Personal Training, Group Classes, Medical Fitness, Holistic Nutrition and Weight Loss, Performance Coaching for Sports, Positive Mind Training, Functional Movement Systems. Professional education, further trainings on a regular basis in various fields and many years of practical experience.


Corporate Health Management, Medical Fitness (SVGS), Functional Training and Fitness Instructor, EXOS Performance Specialist, Functional Movement Systems, Nutrition Coach, Group Fitness Instructor and Bootcamp Coach.

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