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Terms and Conditions

aHealthierLifestyle - Yvonne Lilienweiss, hereinafter referred to as aHealthierLifestyle, offers services such as personal trainings and group trainings, consultations or coachings in the areas of health, nutrition, mental and lifestyle on-site in Zurich and online, as well as on-demand content and digital products in these areas, hereinafter referred to as "services" and "trainings". The Services are designed to promote health and increase overall fitness.

To improve readability, the customer is referred to as "customer", "he" or "his". This applies to all gender-related terms in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

By using the Services, the customer, hereinafter, agrees to the GTC and the Privacy and Cookie Policy of aHealthierLifestyle. These should be read carefully by the customer. If the terms and conditions are not agreed to, the services cannot be used.

Prices and payment processing

aHealthierLifestyle reserves the right to change or adjust prices from time to time. The services can be paid immediately in for example cash, by Twint, credit card and PayPal or within 10 days by bank transfer in CHF. In case of default, reminder fees may apply.

Registration and deregistration

Registration for a service is made verbally or in writing directly with Yvonne Lilienweiss or online. If the customer cannot use the booked service, he can cancel or rebook it free of charge in writing at least 24 hours before the appointment. Otherwise, the booked service will be charged in full (whether cancellation or no-show). If the customer is late, there is no right to compensation for the service. 

aHealthierLifestyle reserves the right to cancel or reschedule appointments at short notice in urgent cases.


The duration of the subscriptions starts with its purchase and is valid for a maximum of 12 months, depending on the type of subscription.  After the expiration of the validity of the subscription, the claim to unused services expires. Refund or payment is excluded. Subscriptions are personal, non-transferable and cannot be shared.


For recurring subscriptions it is possible to cancel at least 2 weeks before the expiration date of the subscription. The cancellation can be done in writing or in the member area (website of aHealthierLifestyle). On-Demand memberships must be cancelled at least one day before the expiration date of the subscription in the member area.

Pause of a contract or transfer of a subscription

Should the customer not be able to use the purchased services during the contract period due to pregnancy, illness or accident, it is possible to interrupt the contract for a minimum of 1 month up to a maximum of 6 months by presenting a medical certificate or, in the case of civil and military service, a proof. In exceptional cases it is possible to transfer a purchased subscription to another person after consultation with Yvonne Lilienweiss. Refunds and/or a price reduction for paid services are not possible. Recurring subscriptions cannot be transferred. On Demand Video Workout memberships cannot be paused and are non-transferable.

Age Requirement

The customer must be at least 18 years old. If the customer is younger, he must present the signed declaration of consent from a parent or guardian.


The customer is aware that there is always a residual risk to his health when using the services. The customer is responsible for taking out insurance for the use of the services.

Health condition

The customer certifies that there are no health concerns regarding participation in the Services. In case of doubt, the customer obtains medical confirmation or clearance for participation. No liability is assumed for known or unknown health risks and their consequences for the client. During the training sessions, the customer should always adapt the exercises to his own fitness level and, in the event of unusual pain or indisposition, for example, discontinue the training session and seek medical attention if necessary.

Use of provided app

Should the customer book a consultation or training service that is connected to an app provided by aHealthierLifestyle, this access is only valid for 4 weeks. The access can be reactivated by using another service.

Limited usage possibilities

In case of temporary service limitations, e.g. due to company vacations or service reductions by aHealthierLifestyle, the customer is not entitled to any price reduction or refund.

aHealthierLifestyle reserves the right to replace the assigned trainer, e.g. in case of illness or vacation, temporarily or permanently by another trainer.

Digital and online services

The disclosure of registration data and usage options to third parties is prohibited. The password for access to the services must be kept secret and stored securely. In the event of unauthorized access by third parties, the customer is required to notify aHealthierLifestyle immediately. No content or technical changes may be made to the services.

The Online Services require a good internet connection, hardware (e.g. laptop, tablet, smartphone) and software (e.g. Zoom). If the mobile network is used for the use of the services, the customer should check whether additional costs are incurred by the mobile phone/mobile network provider due to the use of mobile data or whether these are covered by the mobile phone/mobile network contract. If additional costs are incurred, these are to be paid by the customer. The contents of the services are subject to copyright and intellectual property rights. The content is for personal information and personal use only. It is prohibited to violate these rights and, for example, to reproduce, distribute, sell or make publicly available content, unless there is a written confirmation from the owner.


Participation in the services of aHealthierLifestyle is at the customer's own risk. No liability is assumed for personal damage, property damage, financial damage and immaterial damage as well as consequential damage in case of accidents, injuries and/or illnesses by the customer in connection with the services provided. All claims in this regard cannot be asserted.

Likewise, the customer agrees to truthfully and completely disclose medical risk factors and medications, if known. The services are for general educational and recreational purposes. At no time are they a substitute for professional medical examination, medical diagnosis/treatment, or medical advice. If the customer has any questions or is unsure about his health, the customer should consult a physician or other medical professional. Use of information from the Services is at the customer's own risk. aHealthierLifestyle disclaims all liability.

Disclaimer for the content 

This website was created by aHealthierLifestyle with the greatest possible care. Nevertheless, no guarantee can be given for the topicality, correctness, accuracy and completeness of the information contained. Liability for damages of any kind arising from the use or non-use of the website and its contents is excluded. aHealthierLifestyle reserves the right to change content at any time without notice in whole or in part, to delete or temporarily not to publish. If this website refers or links to websites operated by third parties, aHealthierLifestyle assumes no responsibility or liability for their content. Should it become known that the links from third parties have questionable or illegal content, these will be removed from this website immediately. In case the online presence and/or the use of the services and partner service providers (e.g. partner apps) should lead to e.g. malfunctions, errors, interruptions as well as data loss, no liability will be assumed.

No guarantee is given that the services will be available uninterrupted or secure at any time and in any place. They may not be accessible or may not function properly due to the hardware used, the internet connection and/or the operating system (e.g. smartphone, laptop, internet browser). Any liability for the correct functioning on our part is excluded. No liability is assumed for the unauthorized intrusion of third parties into our information system and the resulting damage.


The collected data will be used for training design, business processing and any services by aHealthierLifestyle and third parties. The Privacy and Cookie Policy is part of the Terms and Conditions of aHealthierLifestyle.


The contents of the services are subject to copyright, as well as intellectual property rights. The contents are for personal information and personal use only. It is prohibited to violate these rights and, for example, to reproduce, distribute, sell or make publicly available content, unless there is a written confirmation from the owner.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

Swiss law shall apply and the place of jurisdiction shall be exclusively Zurich, Switzerland.

Final provisions

Should the customer violate the terms and conditions, aHealthierLifestyle reserves the right to immediately terminate the contract with the customer. A claim for refund or compensation of any kind will be denied. The General Terms and Conditions can be changed or adapted to the current situation by aHealthierLifestyle. The customer cannot derive any rights from a change of the General Terms and Conditions. Should one or more provisions of the General Terms and Conditions be invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining provisions of the General Terms and Conditions shall remain unaffected. The unenforceable or ineffective provisions shall be replaced by an appropriate, economically feasible and promising provision.

This document (General Terms and Conditions) was last updated on October 24, 2023.

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