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In the Personal Training/Coaching it is all about you, your wishes, goals and needs. You will be coached individually, receive personalized feedback, be supported in your individual goals, and make faster progress.

As an experienced health coach and personal trainer I support you with a holistic motivating health and fitness program to achieve your goals. I will mentally support you, stand by your side and guide you to improve your fitness, nutrition and health in the short and long term so you can be proud of your results!

The goal is to positively promote your health in the short and long term so that you are more resilient to the demands of everyday life, stronger, more successful, happier and more satisfied.

Personal Training:

If you want to prevent injuries and pain, work out with the right technique, want to loose weight, get in shape, improve in your sport, feel full of energy and  mentally and physically strong, then personal training is for you.

Health Coaching:

If you want to know where you stand with your health and in which areas (nutrition, fitness, stress, sleep, mood, lifestyle, success at work and in your personal life) you need to improve your health then a Health Check-Up and Coaching is the right thing for you.  

Nutrition Coaching:

If you want to feel better, have more energy, lose weight, improve your health, reduce your allergies and skin problems and eliminate your digestive problems then nutrition coaching is for you.

Your Benefits:

  • Benefit from my many years of experience as a Personal Trainer, Health & Nutrition Coach

  • Enhance performance and productivity

  • Promote health and wellbeing

  • Become more resilient in everyday life

  • Through regular training 2-3x a week you will become stronger, de-stressed and feel great

  • You receive direct feedback

  • You learn the correct technique of the exercises to minimize the risk of injury due to incorrect execution 

  • We have fun together and at the same time you become mentally and physically stronger

You will be supported and motivated to stick to your training to change your habits and health positively and to stay strong and healthy in the short and long term.

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