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Functional Movement Screen




60 minutes


CHF 250


Zurich City and online

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Who is the screen and strength test suitable for?
For anyone who wants to find out in which areas (mobility, stability, motor control, strength) he/she should improve in order to prevent pain and to be able to optimally maintain and increase their own performance in everyday life and in sports.

The Functional Movement screen is additionally enhanced by a strength test.
Based on the screen and the strength test, the further procedure will be discussed so that you can promote your health in the best possible way.


Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
The FMS is used in high-performance and popular sports, in physiotherapy and now also in personal training. It screens 7 basic movement patterns in individuals without current musculoskeletal pain or injury. This is to identify areas such as mobility, stability, and motor control in which the person should improve to minimize the risk of injury, improve movement quality, and best protect the body. Regardless of how athletic a person is, it is always found that basic movements are often not performed optimally. In order for these movements to still be executed, the person begins to compensate for them by making compensatory movements. As soon as this happens, the risk of injury increases and pain can occur. It becomes difficult for athletes, but also for any other active person, to achieve or maintain the appropriate level of performance.


Strength and Endurance
Through various exercises, we will determine how good your strength and endurance are. Strength and endurance are important to make your everyday life easier, no matter how old you are. For example, you need strength in your legs and endurance to climb stairs easily or to catch the bus at the last minute without much effort. For carrying children or heavy things you need strong arms and a strong core. Testing your strength and endurance should encourage you to improve your performance and engage in regular fitness training.


In the personal training packages (10-35x) the FMS and strength test is included and does not have to be paid extra.

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