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aHealthierLifestyle - Get ACTIVE & STRONG

The Story of aHealthierLifestyle

Hi, my name is Yvonne, the founder of aHealthierLifestyle.


I love my job and can't think of anything better than sharing my knowledge and experience with my clients and seeing them improve, become and stay healthy and resilient!

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My Story

I have enjoyed sports all my life, such as dancing, soccer and softball, and many other sports. However, I never thought about the fact that it is also important to have good flexibility and strength in order to play sports even more efficiently and without injury. In addition, I also didn't eat a healthy diet, but ate a lot of sweets, few vegetables, a lot of convenience foods, a lot of animal and processed products, and liked to drink soft drinks. At the time, I had no idea that holistic strength training and a healthy diet with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, and unprocessed products such as legumes, nuts, and few organic grass-fed animal products could have such a big impact on my health and exercise. 

The Way to Becoming a Great Coach

Since I have always enjoyed working with people and was encouraged to pursue a coach education, I then came to my fitness coach education around my mid-twenties. Since then I have continued to educate myself and read many reference books on nutrition, health and fitness training. Over the years I have gained a lot of practical knowledge through working with clients and have received a lot of positive feedback on various health topics for the results I have achieved. 

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Being the Best Version of Myself

Through the acquired knowledge, experiences and questioning, also regarding myself, I have changed and improved my lifestyle, physical and mental attitude enormously to the positive in the last years. I have taken the responsibility for my holistic health into my own hands.

For example: My diet has improved 100 times. I realized how important a healthy diet is for the body and mind. I can concentrate and think much better, I have more energy, my allergies are almost non-existent, my skin has improved, I was able to find my healthy ideal weight and I feel much better. Since I have also been doing regular holistic strength training in addition to dancing, my performance has multiplied there as well.

It was definitely not easy to work on myself and change my lifestyle. But if you understand why you should do it, and believe in yourself, keep at it, don't give up no matter what, and you are supported, it is possible step by step. I was also lucky to have the right people around me who supported me, encouraged me, positively influenced me, inspired me, enhanced me, and made me happy. This luck I want to pass on to all my clients.

The Creation of aHealthierLifestyle

In order to help and support more people around the world to feel better, lose weight and be fitter, I decided to expand my service offering to Wellness Programs and Health Coaching and make it available online through aHealthierLifestyle. I can now share my knowledge through such methods as live online personal trainings, small group personal trainings and video workouts, making it possible for anyone on any time or budget to improve and positively impact their health. I thought that this service offer can help in the best possible way in today's world, where there is a lot of stress, a lot of sitting in the office and many people would like to promote their health. Now you can be motivated and supported by me from everywhere and at any time to do something good for yourself and to deal with the right health knowledge. Even with little effort this can be done. It is only important that you do it regularly and when you realize that you can't do it on your own, take advantage of my help. 


I am of the opinion that every person in the deepest heart wants the best for the body and mind. As a Health and Fitness Coach I want to support you in a fun and simple way to realize this deep desire for the best possible health.

Start now and take your life into your own hands. Take responsibility for yourself and your health.

I will

Support you

Encourage you

Motivate you

Enhance you

Inspire you

Make you happy

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