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Coach and owner Yvonne

Hi! I'm Yvonne -
your Personal Trainer, Health & Nutrition Coach.

I'll make you fit and healthier
so you feel great!

Get professional support to achieve your goals, really stick with your workouts through appointments, free yourself from pain and have fun while working out.

Optimise your Fitness & Health

Train with me in Zurich City

Woman works out in the gym

Personal Training

Health Check-Up

Health Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Small Group Personal Training

Train with me online worldwide from home via Zoom

online Personal Training

All services are of high quality

I offer a world-class corporate and individual wellness program to positively impact and strengthen the performance of any team or individual to meet the demands of a modern and demanding work environment and personal life.

In the modern world, whether in the professional or private life, a lot of people face stress, lack of energy, back and neck pain, a lot of sitting and no time to really deal with one's own health. Missing or one-sided movements, weak muscles, bad nutrition and lifestyle habits cause, for example, pain, fatigue, problems with concentration and many chronic diseases. 

Regular holistic exercising and sticking to a healthy nutrition and lifestyle are super important to stay fit and healthy to be able to meet the demands of working and private life. In addition, it strengthens the entire body, has a positive effect on the skin, brain performance, gut and immune system, for example, and prevents, stops or even reverses many chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and physical pain such as back, knee and neck pain.

Whether Personal Trainings or Coachings, all services are of the highest quality and based on knowledge from holistic nutrition, high-performance sports, physical therapy and medical fitness. The coachings and trainings are designed to provide you with knowledge related to health and to make you mentally and physically strong, confident, resilient and healthy. 

Start your journey today, take your health into your own hands, book your Personal Training and feel great!


Alex L.

“Best choice ever. Doing the Health and Success Check-Up helped me to get an overview about my lifestyle and what I need to improve to be successful in my life. Yvonne encourages me to keep going. I'm stronger and feel much better. Thanks a lot."

Walter B.

“Sometimes I'm in a bad mood before training but Yvonne always manages to get me out of this mood. It's unbelievable. She also helped me a lot with nutrition. I didn't realise how wrong I was eating and drinking. Now I'm much more aware of what I eat and drink. I can definitely make better nutrition choices now.”

Stephanie J.

"I worked out before, so I had already experiences in exercising. But when I started with Yvonne I realised that I worked out with the wrong technique. Yvonne has shown me the correct way to do it. Yvonne is an amazing coach. She motivates and listens. I profit a lot and I always look forward to our trainings."

Charlie H.

"I was overweight and I needed to change that. A friend told me about aHealthierLifestyle. So I had a look and started to work out with them. I also had a look at my nutrition habits with Yvonne. I'm so glad I made the right decision to start there. Through regular training and the change of diet I have already lost 20 lbs. I am so proud of myself! Thanks Yvonne for your help!"

Lisa D.

“In the beginning, I was skeptical about working out online. I thought the trainer can't see you properly, but that's not true. Yvonne sees everything. So you can't cheat :) It is always a pleasure to work out with Yvonne. She has such a positive attitude and transfers that energy to me.”

Patricia F.

"I have been training regularly for a few years 3-4 times a week. It's really amazing what you can still achieve even if you start late. I'm 58 now and I feel like 45. It is such a great feeling. I can manage my everyday life so much easier. My younger colleagues don't have as much energy and strength as I do. Isn't this fantastic?"

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