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Health Check-Up




90 minutes


CHF 350


Zurich City or online

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Are you interested in your health and would you like to know where you stand and whether you already know enough about health?

In the Health Check-Up you get an overview of where you stand in relation to the different areas (nutrition, fitness, stress, sleep, mood, lifestyle, success at work and in your personal life) and whether they have an influence on your health and wellbeing. We find out where action is needed. This will determine whether we need to work for example on your nutrition, fitness or career.


Your benefits:
1. You realize in which areas you should change so that you can positively support your health
2. Through the new insights you can consciously improve your health
3. You take back control over your health and can take action.


Depending on the results, it makes sense to book regular (in-person or online) Personal Trainings or Health Coachings so that you can continuously improve and maintain your long-term health and achieve good results.

The goal is to positively promote your health in the best possible way in the short and long term so that you are more resilient to the demands of everyday life, more successful, happier and more satisfied.

Looking forward doing the Check-Up with you!

(This is not a medical Check-Up and not a medical advice)
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