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Personal Training for Weight Loss

  • 1 hour
  • Live Online via Zoom


This training is a combination of nutrition & fitness and is always based on your INDIVIDUAL needs, habits, wishes & goals. In the first 25 minutes you will get a brief insight into healthy nutrition. The duration of the nutrition part can be adjusted to your individual needs. We start with the topics that are most important for you to be able to lose weight. In addition, you will learn how to change your nutrition and eating habits to reach and maintain your ideal weight in the short and long term. In the other 35 minutes we will strengthen and tone your body in a holistic way and address your individual problem areas. Various cardio and strength exercises will be used to burn calories and also to strengthen you mentally to help you lose weight successfully. In the classes you learn for example: 1. How you get aware of what you really buy, cook, eat and drink -> at home, work, restaurant, café, grocery, take-away and bar! 2. How to change nutrition & drinking habits 3. How you can manage your weight 4. How to make a healthier breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert The Advantages of Improving your Eating Habits and Fitness: 1. You loose weight in the short term & manage your weight in the long term 2. You get stronger & have more energy for everyday life & activities 3. Being more awake 4. You feel fitter, are more resilient and get in shape 5. Your immune system becomes more resilient 6. You improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, body awareness, balance and stability 7. Your skin appearance improves 8. Your health of your brain, heart, gut, bones, joints... improves in general Equipment: Notebook and pen. Exercises are performed with your own body weight. If available, resistance bands, weights, TRX and a door pull up bar are additionally used, but you can start without equipment. You need a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet and a good internet connection. You can even connect your smartphone or tablet with your smart TV. Book your Personal Trainings today & start your health journey now! 1. You are individually motivated in losing weight in a healthy way 2. You are individually coached one-on-one 3. You get individual high-quality feedback 4. You are supported in achieving your individual goals 5. You make faster individual progress The Training will be fun & exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing you soon! Yvonne Appointment:

Cancellation Policy

The 1:1 personal training, coaching sessions and check-ups must be cancelled and rescheduled at least 24 hours before the start. Notice: The booked personal training, coaching or check-up will be charged in full: 1. if you participate or 2. if you do not cancel at least 24 hours before the personal training/coaching/check-up starts or 3. if you do not show up.

For further questions please send us an email

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