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Health Coaching

  • 1 hour
  • Live Online via Zoom


Have you reached a point in your life where you feel you can't move forward? Everything is not going the way you want it to? Are you in a negative spiral and can't get out of it? Things are not going well at work and you don't know why? You don't reach the goals you have set for yourself? You don't feel healthy? You blame your lack of energy, pain, lack of strength on your age? Then you are at the right place. Before starting with the Health Coaching it makes sense to have already done the Health and Success Check-Up.This shows which areas (nutrition, fitness, sleep, mood, lifestyle, stress and general challenges at work and at home) need to be looked at and worked on more intensively. In the individual sessions, we will then work together step-by-step on results-oriented solutions so that you can positively impact your health in the best way possible. Of course, your wishes will also be taken into account. In every area it is possible to improve. You just need to become aware and know what to pay attention to in order to positively support your health. The goal is that over time you improve in all areas and consciously improve your lifestyle, so that you are successful, happy, satisfied and above all healthy and stay that way. The regular coaching with me should support you and help you to be able to protect your health in the short and long term. Topic selection: 1. Nutrition and Weight Management Nutrition can also be a part of Health Coaching You will gain the ability to decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong when it comes to nutrition. You will also learn how to change your eating habits for the better. You will be able to make better nutrition choices. For more details see nutrition coaching. 2. Fitness It is important to exercise regularly and several times a week in a holistic and functional way and to keep up the training in the long-term. You can improve your fitness individually with Personal Trainings or in a group with our group classes. For more details see Personal Training or group classes (both in-person or live online). 3. Stress, Sleep and Mood We find out what causes negative and too much stress, poor sleep and bad mood. Based on the causes, we work together on the solutions to reduce stress, ensure better sleep and a positive, confident and happy mood. 4. Lifestyle Have you ever checked the ingredient lists of e.g. your cosmetics, cleaning products, etc.? Do you for example know what effect

Cancellation Policy

The 1:1 personal training, coaching sessions and check-ups must be cancelled and rescheduled at least 24 hours before the start. Notice: The booked personal training, coaching or check-up will be charged in full: 1. if you participate or 2. if you do not cancel at least 24 hours before the personal training/coaching/check-up starts or 3. if you do not show up.

For further questions please send us an email

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