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Flexibility & Relaxation

  • 50 minutes
  • Live Online via Zoom


This class is about flexibility, relaxing and de-stressing your body and mind. Massaging the muscles with a foam roll, mobility and stretching exercises improve your flexibility of muscles and joints, as well as the entire musculoskeletal system. At the same time, you can switch off from everyday life and your mind becomes more relaxed . The workouts in the class variate during the week, it's always exciting. For example: 1. We massage the muscles with a foam roll to relax them 2. We do hip mobility exercises to open the hip area 3. We do shoulder mobility exercises to open the chest area 4. We use stretching exercises to lengthen the muscles (e.g. calf stretch and hamstring stretch) Why is flexibility and mobility good for you? 1. Your body feels so much better with a good flexibility and mobility. 2. Mobility is the foundation for nearly every move you do with your body. 3. A good hip mobility can help to release back pain and sciatica pain. 4. Nowadays you are sitting a lot and your muscles are getting tight. Therefore you need to work on your flexibility. 5. If you do strength training, mobility is also the key to have a better range of motion for strength exercises. 6. We use quality methods to relax and lengthening your muscles and to improve your tissue. Equipment: 1 foam roll 1 massage ball 1 duoball/peanut massage ball or something similar (e.g. 2 tennis balls in a sock) 1 rope or 1 resistance band (around 2 m/6.5 foot), something similar in length like a bath towel will also work You can also start without equipment. You need a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet and a good internet connection. You can even connect your smartphone or tablet with your smart TV. In this online class we take our time to focus on ALL aspects of flexibility. Try it and find out! It's really good for you! I look forward to meeting you and having a great online class with you! Yvonne

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

The group trainings and classes (local and live online) must be cancelled and rescheduled at least 4 hours before the start. Notice: The booked group training/class will be charged in full: 1. if you participate or 2. if you do not cancel at least 4 hours before the training/class starts or 3. if you do not show up.

For further questions please send us an email

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