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An easy-to-follow plan inspired by the flavors of summer.
Our No-Fuss Summer Program focuses on simple meals that use fresh summer produce. Each recipe takes less than 30 minutes to minimize the time in the kitchen and maximize time enjoying the great outdoors.

The program contains meals that support bone health, the immune system and ensures an adequate intake of fiber and healthy fats.



In this program you will find:


1. Key nutritional considerations
2. General tips for: grocery list, shopping, recipes, leftovers and prep guide

3. Meal plan for 1 week  with 17 recipes

4. Nutrition data plan for 1 week
5. Grocery list
6. All delicious recipes with ingredients, nutrition data, directions and notes

7. Prep guide


Ingredients are usually measured in cups/tablespoons, some in liters/grams.


Enjoy it! :)


If you want to learn more about nutrition and what to buy, cook, eat and drink to stay healthy and fit, then join the Live Online Group Classes and Personal Trainings.

No-Fuss Summer Program

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    This is a digital product, made available to you in PDF format.

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